PeelAffix20 │ Self-Adhesive EPDM

£249.95 exc VAT Was £300.00

1.5m x 10m x 1.1mm (15m2)


20 Years Warranty


50 Years Life Expectancy

Can Be Laid Directly to Most Substates

Time Saving


Introducing PEELAFFIX20 the ultimate solution for fast and efficient waterproofing: our cutting-edge system that revolutionizes your project timelines.

With its exceptional adhesion on a wide range of surfaces, our innovative product, PEELAFFIX20, eliminates the need for additional seaming materials, saving you time and resources. Moreover, our environmentally friendly solution is not only respectful of the planet but also minimizes waste by eliminating the requirement for consumables like brushes, rollers, and buckets.

Offering superior elasticity and flexibility, our waterproofing system ensures long-lasting protection, delivering exceptional durability for your projects. Experience the future of waterproofing with our high-performance solution, optimizing your time and delivering outstanding results.