EPDM Roof Trims

The trims we supply provide a quality & professional finish, edge trims are key to any Rubber Roof project. We stock the quality RubbaTrim range along with internal & external corners and accessories.

Edge Trim 2.5m

Edge trim measuring 2500mm is used on roof edges that are not attached to walls or a gutter. Specially designed with a raised upstand to direct water towards the gutter. This edge is durable and comes pre-drilled and pre-foamed for easy installation. All fixings and clips are supplied.
£16.75 exc VAT

2 Part Gutter Trim 2.5mtr

This gutter trim can be used on a roof edge to direct water drainage into a gutter. For easy DIY installation, this trim comes with all clips, fixings and joiners included. Available in black, white and anthracite. Measurements 2500mm x 70mm. The base and top plates are identical.
£16.00 exc VAT

Wall Trim 2500mm including fixings

Plastisol coated metal wall trim. 2500mm long x 70mm deep x 30mm return. Fixings included. Available in black only.
£14.75 exc VAT

Firestone Termination Bar 3000mm

This Firestone termination bar measures 3000mm is a solid aluminium retaining bar with predrilled holes, used for securing EPDM membranes to upstands. Other uses include anchoring the membrane under lead flashings, parapets and rooflights. It can also be used alongside water block mastic to seal adjacent flat roofs.
£14.75 exc VAT

Gutter Extenal Corner

This external gutter corner provides a sturdy and long-lasting 90-degree external corner to neatly join two roof gutter pieces. Available in black, white or anthracite and is easy to install with superglue.
£4.10 exc VAT

Internal Corner

£4.10 exc VAT

External Corner

External Corner is an injection moulded, external corner piece on a 90 degree angle. Measuring 50 x 50 x 108mm, it is used to join the Edge Trim with gutters. For best results, secure with superglue or polynails when predrilled.
£4.10 exc VAT