Firestone QuickPrime Plus 1ltr

£18.50 exc VAT

Stir thoroughly or shake the can before use.

Simply prime the rubber with a scrubber pad and allow to dry prior to using the following self-adhesive products:

9" Formflash
18" SA Flashing
6" Cover Tape
3" Splice Tape
Pipe boot
Corner flashing
Walkway pad
Installation Tips

Wear gloves.

Apply to EPDM membrane using a paint brush or scrubbing pad.

Make sure the primer is even and does not puddle.

Ensure that the primer is touch dry prior to mating.

Coverage Rates

250 ml 7.5m of 3" splice tape or 4m of 9" Formflash.
1 litre 30m of 3" splice tape or 16m of 9" Formflash.
3.78 litre 120m of 3" splice tape or 64m of 9" Formflash.
Firestone Quick Prime is an activator used in conjunction with Quickseam products to effect waterproof seals. It is not a waterproof adhesive.