Everbuild 905 Black Jack All Weather Roof

£14.50 exc VAT

BlackJack Roof Coating is a solvent based, full bodied black brushable compound with added fibres for reinforcement. It is specifically designed for overcoating leaking roofs. Dries to a tough black coating.

Benefits of BlackJack Roof Coating:

Fast drying.
Unaffected by water immediately after application - can be applied when rain is imminent.
Can also be used to bond felt.
Brush applied.
Areas For Use:

Blackjack roof coating is an effective, general purpose roof coating. It is resistant to wash off by rain almost immediately after its application and is therefore ideally suited for winter use.
May be applied by brush to waterproof and re-seal many different types of roof coverings, including: Asphalt roofs, Built-up felt roofs, Concrete roof decks, Asbestos, Cement sheeting and Metal sheeting, including iron, steel, zinc and lead, Slates, tiles.
Blackjack roof coating may be used in conjunction with a rot-proof hessian reinforcement scrim or bitumen coated glass fibre scrim such as a Glass Membrane.
May also be used as a Vapour Barrier on walls and roofs.