Brittania Durashield 15KG

£90.00 exc VAT

Rubber solvent-based

Excellent UV resistance


Formulated for refurbishment/overlay application

Features & Benefits
Formulated for refurbishment/overlay applications.
Flexible, highly elastic single pack coating with excellent adhesion to almost any wall or roof substrate.
Rubber solvent-based.
Excellent UV resistance.
Cures quick, even at low temperatures.
Rainfall immediately after application has no adverse effect.
Smooth finish.
Expected to last for 10 years.
Clean the surface with a powerwash of up to 2,000 psi, depending on the substrate. If needed, clean the area with Britannia Fungicidal Wash. This eliminates all moss/algae. The wash must be applied and left on the substrate for 7 days, then washed off prior to the application. The substrate must be dried off using squeegees/rags. Gas guns should not be used. Once the substrate is clean and dry you can then begin the application.

Surfaces must be COMPLETELY DRY prior to application of Durashield. To the dry and primed surface, apply a generous coat of Britannia Durashield by brush or roller at the specified spreading rate as stated under the heading. The substrate and ambient temperature for the application of the system must be between 2°C and 35°C.

DO NOT APPLY to frozen or damp surfaces. DO NOT APPLY in hot direct sunlight or coating may skin. Work away from the area immediately being applied and toward a suitable escape access. Do not walk on newly coated surface whilst application is in progress.

Drying Time
Up to 8 hours or overnight depending on temperature and conditions. Full cure: up to 7 days. The product may remain slightly soft for a further period depending on climatic conditions, this is not detrimental to the waterproofing qualities of the product