Brittania Aquashield High Build 5kg

£30.00 exc VAT

Product Description

Britannia Aquashield gives you the peace of mind of instant waterproofing, even before it's dry.

Contains embedded fibre's which will cover up any small gaps & cracks, and is ideal for bitumen, metal, porous and non-porous roofs, including iron, steel, slate, polished brick, concrete and asbestos cladding.

Features & Benefits

Excellent waterproofing for roofs.
Ready to use and works instantly.
Also great for asbestos cladding.
Contains added fibre's that interlace to cover up small gaps & cracks.
Suitable for general maintenance work.
One coat needed
2-year shelf life.
Ready for use on:

flat roofs
pitched roofs,
weathered asphalt
bituminous surfaces
GRP & Fibreglass
felt & metal
Hard/strong plastic
Spreading Rate

High Build Coat: between 1 kg - 2 kg per square metre dependent on substrate
Life span can last up to 5 years depending on conditions
Drying time

Up to 6-7 days depending on temperature, thickness of coating.
Aquashield is not recommended for the treatment of wooden surfaces, tanking, fishponds or internal use.